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The Structure of Reality by Reina-of-Sand The Structure of Reality :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 13 4
Seastuck - Chapter 4
It didn't take long to reach the water's surface, but when Dave finally got there, he was so overwhelmed by the sight before him that he almost sank back down into sea. Floating just over ten strokes away was a huge ship, its sails pulled up and anchor down. It had been hard to figure out what it was underwater – it looked like a whale or something – but with the moon's light unhindered, it was easier to see.
The ship itself was enormous, with carvings covering every railing. Twin masts stood tall against the dark sky, illuminated every so often by bright bursts of multi-colored lights that sparkled like stars. Every window on the ship was lit up, which made the whole scene seem even more enticing to Dave. If he tried hard enough, he could hear cheers and laughter from the ship's deck. His heart was suddenly racing.
There were humans there.
Throwing Bro's orders to the wind, Dave swam even closer to the large boat. He felt his heart skip a beat at the
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 28 13
Jade - The Color of Sight 1
The first time Jade noticed the changes, she was about eight years old. She hadn't really paid any attention to it at first; her mind had been occupied with roaming the island with Bec. She was a spacy child with the attention span of a frog, and she could barely focus on anything for longer than an hour. Except for her garden. She could stay in that greenhouse for days and not notice anything.
But the signs were there.
Jade was slowly losing her sight.
It wasn't anything big. At least, not at first. She'd notice small things, like how certain shades of red slowly became dull and lifeless. How the sky didn't quite seem as blue as the day before. And how the light surrounding her best friend seemed to waver between gray and green some days.
But they were things that could be easily ignored.
So she did. She ignored the signs for as long as she could.
Birthdays came and went, and Jade was content to just fill out her prescription for glasses and send it to the eye care specialist grandpa
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 14 4
Cold and Unfeeling by Reina-of-Sand Cold and Unfeeling :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 18 0
Seastuck - Chapter 3
"...Nook-licking, ass-faced, grub-fucking son of a deep-sea squid! This is NOT something I signed up for!!"
Karkat grimaced as he untangled himself from yet another patch of wild seaweed he'd absentmindedly swum into. Since he had left the castle, Dave had led ignorantly led the small crab through two caverns filled with sharp coral, three jellyfish infested chasms, and past a cave with one very ornery electric eel.
No, things were not going well tonight. And it wasn't even midnight yet.
"I had better be getting something for my fucking suffering," Karkat growled to himself as he snipped the last of the seaweed from his shell. With the last of the annoying plant pooling on the rock under him, Karkat set off towards the cave Dave and Tavros had disappeared into. After all, he was so disoriented from the trip thus far that he knew he wouldn't be able to get back without following the prince and his guppy-of-a-lackey.
Karkat had never really liked any members of the
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 24 17
John: Make Dave feel better
Looking for someone to chat with... (so, please wait)
You are now chatting with a person, say hi.
▲: hi there!
▼: okay so heres the deal stranger
▼: the low down
▼: the 411 if you will
▼: usually i dont bother with these lame chat sites
▼: but ive been watching aladdin on repeat for the last six hours while shoving nothing but jelly beans down my throat
▼: because thats what my bro says is the cure for the common cold
▼: and even if thats pure and utter bullshit
▼: its the only food ive got
▲: dave? is that you??
▼: so my tolerence level is pretty high right now
▼: yes yes strider at your service
▲: awesome! i found you on the first try!
▼: beginners luck then
▼: step into my office
▼: what can i do for you
▼: actually fuck that the real question is what can you do for me
▲: i can probably suggest a better cure for the common cold!
▼: actually
▼: that would be beyond
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 31 19
Doodledump 1 -Input needed- by Reina-of-Sand Doodledump 1 -Input needed- :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 6 3
Mature content
Zingled: John meets ButlerDave :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 19 13
Seastuck: Chapter 2
Dave broke through the water's surface with a loud splash, his blonde hair plastered to his face and his shades slightly askew. The sun was high in the sky today, the cloudless blue as beautiful as ever. There was never enough time in the day to admire the sky. But the laws forbid anyone from going to the surface. Bro would tan his son's scales if he ever found out about this. But despite that little detail, Dave wasn't worried. No one had caught him yet, and he wasn't stopping anytime soon.
With a quick scan of the surrounding waters, he and Tavros quickly located Terezi's rock. It was hard to miss, since it was a giant boulder with a ship's crow's nest lodged in the top. Terezi was never one for a "normal" nest.
"Hey Pyrope! You awake?!" Dave shouted.
There was a sound of something heavy hitting the wood paneling of the crow's nest, and suddenly Terezi's feathery head popped over the side. Her red eyes scanned her surroundings, and her feathers, which were dotted with small shells an
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 25 22
Happy BelatedBirthday, Rea-san by Reina-of-Sand Happy BelatedBirthday, Rea-san :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 0 0 Gamzee and his Ancestor by Reina-of-Sand Gamzee and his Ancestor :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 53 3
Seastuck - Chapter 1
As he leaned on the railing of his ship, the prince heaved a heavy sigh and watched the water below churn and crash against the hull of his ship. It was a day like any other day in Prince John's kingdom. The ocean was tranquil, just like the day before. The fishes darting under the ship reflected rainbows on the water's surface, but disappeared with the shifting tides. It was peaceful, even with the ship's crew shouting in the background. John knew that he would much rather be on the ocean than in his castle on the cliffs.
"Ah, what a breeze," he mumbled to himself. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and ran a hand through his messy black hair, a smile playing across his lips. "So comforting..."
"Your highness, please do not lean so far over the rail."
John turned and looked back at his attendant and grinned. Equius was older by at least five years, but acted as if John and his father were the only things that mattered in the world. He wore his thick black hair in a ponytail that h
:iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 36 55
Sollux and the Bee by Reina-of-Sand Sollux and the Bee :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 52 5 Aradia-Bec: Frolic in Space? by Reina-of-Sand Aradia-Bec: Frolic in Space? :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 12 2 Remorse and Regret by Reina-of-Sand Remorse and Regret :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 37 3
Mature content
Jade: Mess with Karkat :iconreina-of-sand:Reina-of-Sand 5 4


Homestuck Photoshop Swatches by bobpwns21 Homestuck Photoshop Swatches :iconbobpwns21:bobpwns21 109 15 kids and trolls by kotijumi kids and trolls :iconkotijumi:kotijumi 1,306 32 respond to memo by 021 respond to memo :icon021:021 1,152 16 5152 by 021 5152 :icon021:021 1,008 33 nobody wants to die by meggiefox nobody wants to die :iconmeggiefox:meggiefox 259 9 Everyone's new OTP. by ColumbiasDismantler Everyone's new OTP. :iconcolumbiasdismantler:ColumbiasDismantler 62 40 Homestuck:: Damp Skies by Shilloshilloh Homestuck:: Damp Skies :iconshilloshilloh:Shilloshilloh 1,272 37 lil dude by loonytwin lil dude :iconloonytwin:loonytwin 567 64 Fallen Heroes by bleedman Fallen Heroes :iconbleedman:bleedman 7,931 1,311 Captchalogue Wallet by HamsterParade Captchalogue Wallet :iconhamsterparade:HamsterParade 336 37 Months by conniiption Months :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,938 506 one two three four by keep-on-walking one two three four :iconkeep-on-walking:keep-on-walking 63 2 cute dresses by JellyBunny cute dresses :iconjellybunny:JellyBunny 205 25






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Greetings! I am three years into college, going for Graphic Design and hopefully on into Storyboarding and Animation.
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